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23Jun3:45 pmEST

Dating Only: Don't Get Attached to This Rally

Despite all of the wild intraday fades of late, including weakness in the futures overnight, bulls are putting up a formidable fight this week in the face of Powell's comments. With end of month, quarter, 4th of July, and a bit better seasonality all approaching rapidly, I view the outperformance from bios and ARKK as, perhaps, a sign that...

23Jun10:39 amEST

You Can't Stop What's Comin', That's Vanity

One phenomenon I have noticed of late has been market pundits bemoaning the lack of a true, washout capitulatory bottom. On CNBC, morning anchor Joe Kernan has been wondering aloud on a daily basis whether we need to see the VIX pop above 40 to get us close to a true bear market bottom. While it may seem like we will never get that...


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