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20Sep3:28 pmEST

What if None of it Has Been Priced In?

Back in early 2020, as Coronavirus headlines swirled around the world, U.S. stocks totally ignored them well into February. It became a common trope that it was all priced in, as clearly the market was well aware of the headlines and the spread of Corona to many countries besides China (Italy e.g.).  Of course, a few weeks later the market...

20Sep10:14 amEST

A New Regime Means ARKK is a Dead Duck

The above chart, courtesy of Jeff Weniger, illustrates the regime change already well underway with value stocks outperforming growth after the prior extended bull run for growth. In hindsight, with rates so low for so long growth essentially had open season to run higher and higher.  But as always in markets, it comes time to pay the piper....


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