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29Jan3:53 pmEST

Cashing Up Into the Bell; Chess Moves

Into the bell, I moved to 100% cash in front of AMZN and GOOGL earnings tonight. I sold the rest of SOXS at $14.32 from $13.99 to lock in the rest of that win after taking profits this morning. I also sold my BIS long at $40.25 from from $40.69 for a very small loss. See you after the bell for my video market recap.  

29Jan2:41 pmEST

An Objective Market Look in the Dead of Winter

After scaling down my short exposure this morning and locking in hard-fought gains, the market is bouncing into the afternoon portion of the session. The hourly chart of the SPY, ETF for the S&P 500 Index, presented below, shows that buyers were willing to step in again at well-defined support (horizontal light blue line at bottom). However,...

29Jan1:30 pmEST

Gold Bears Not Drowning Yet

Today's action in the precious metals and mining complex is a good reminder in how much patience and restraint needs to be shown even when we think we have a major inflection point on our hands. In particular, the price action and volume patterns in the precious metals and miners in 2015 has thus far been quite promising. However, since the...

29Jan11:50 amEST

Closing Out the Jimmy-Two-Times Short; Chess Moves

I sold the rest of my SDS (ultra-short, or "two times" the S&P 500 Index) long at $23.26 from my $21.99 entry to lock in the rest of the win. I have other short exposure on, and the SPY (straight-up long ETF for the S&P) is back down to what should be some minor support here on the 30-minute chart, below. I my very well hop back into SDS later...

29Jan11:04 amEST

Taking Advantage of the Weakness; Chess Moves

I sold a small piece of my SOXS long here at $15.11 from my $13.99 entry from this blog post yesterday . SOXS, is the triple-bearish ETF for the semiconductor sector.  With major component TSM finally cracking today, combined with broad market weakness, the bearish bet is working in my favor. Nonetheless, I am still going to trade around this...

28Jan4:43 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 01/28/15 {Video}

The following video contains coverage of relevant broad market issues (for equities) in addition to plenty of actionable trading ideas across other asset classes. Feel free to pick and choose which ideas and parts of the analysis fit your style. Always properly manage your downside portfolio risk for any trades taken. Enjoy tonight's...

28Jan3:47 pmEST

Chess Moves Into the Bell

I went long BIS $40.69 with a stop-loss below $38.60. Ultra-short biotech ETF. Playing for biotech to either crack now...or never. I sold my SLW long at $22.74 from $23.36 to step out of the way of miners selling and to keep losses small on the downside reversal in the miners.   I also 1/2 of my long SDS long at $23 from $21.99 entry to scale...

28Jan3:24 pmEST

Pressing for the Bear to Catch This Train

The two keys to my SOXS (triple-bearish ETF for semiconductor sector) long can be found in the top two components, INTC TSM, seen on their respective daily charts, below. INTC has been the weak sister, breaking down from the highlight sideways channel, while TSM, the strong one, may be ripe to breakdown from the highlighted rising wedge. If the...

28Jan2:42 pmEST

Baking a Trade with Bittersweet Chips; Chess Moves

I went long SOXS here at $13.99, with a protective stop-loss below $13.20. This is the triple-bearish ETF for the semiconductor sector, a trade idea I have referenced recently. The top two holdings are bittersweet chips, in that they are INTC and TSM. INTC has been quite weak, while TSM has been impressive. I am playing for TSM to follow INTC...

28Jan1:29 pmEST

Waiting for the FOMC Reaction to Get Into My Groovology

It is slow-going out this afternoon, with the market likely at a standstill of sorts in front the Fed's meeting announcement within an hour or so. I am holding my SDS and SLW longs, both with some modest profit cushion, after cutting my oil long first thing this morning to keep losses contained. On my radar are biotechnology and semiconductor...

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