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20Jan1:06 pmEST

Don't Miss the Train at These Two Stations

First and foremost, I still see plenty of "holding and hoping" from crude oil longs, despite another gap down today. While shorting crude down here is a tough trade, I am not so sure we have seen that true sentiment shift toward fear, panic, then apathy, which we typically see at a bottom. Thus, I continue to remain flat in the crude oil...

20Jan11:36 amEST

Gold Bears Playing Hide-and-Go-Seek

The easiest conclusion to draw with this morning's gap up across the board in the precious metals and miners complex is to note how overbought they are in the short-term. Indeed, observing the gold ETF daily chart, below, we can see that price has been "riding along" the upper Bollinger Band in recent sessions, and is now gapping free and clear...

20Jan10:41 amEST

Locking in More of a Big Win; Chess Moves

I sold another half of my NUGT long @ $20.37 from $16.88 entry noted in this blog post . I also previously scaled gains at $18.96 in this post . I am down to a small "runner" in the position now, willing to let it ride in case gold miners continue to go crazy to the upside. I raised my stop-loss up to $18. Overall, the precious metals and...

19Jan7:10 pmEST

Monday Night View of Oil

I present the current chart for crude oil, stretching back several weeks. You can plainly see the steep decline, followed by recent bounce attempts. First and foremost, the highlighted yellow area shows what could be a potential inverse head and shoulders bottom, with $49.70 being an initial area above to clear in order to sustain a meatier...

18Jan2:19 pmEST

Weekend Video Strategy Session 01/18/15 {Video}

The following video contains coverage of the broad market, as well as tons of actionable trading ideas for equities and other markets regarding the coming week of 01/19/15-01/23/2015. Trade Well. Protect your portfolio at all times. -chessNwine Direct Vimeo Link Click Here

18Jan11:38 amEST

Sunday Matinee at Market Chess Cinemas

A Prophet (2009) [“Un prophète” (original title)] is a terrific thriller about a young Arab man sent to a Corsican prison, where he must deal with the ruling mafia. I have recommended this one before. But believe it is worth another post, given how few people have seen it. The film is able to attain a certain depth to the characters and plot...

17Jan12:24 pmEST

Gold Shorts Stuck in the DUST Bowl

After being so vocal for so long, precious metals and miners bears have been noticeably quiet of late. In this business, it sure is easy to be in cheerful spirits and brimming with confidence with things are going well. But when the tide changes, it is usually only then that we see whether the confidence is true or instead is a thinly-veiled...

17Jan12:16 pmEST

The Panic of 1893 with Lawrence Reed

On this Saturday of a long, holiday weekend, it is worth relaxing and watching the following video. It features a fascinating and educational lecture about the Panic of 1893, courtesy of Lawrence Reed. 

16Jan3:44 pmEST

Flattening Out After a Winning Week; Chess Moves

It has been a very profitable several weeks of trading for me in 2015, thus far, after a solid 2014. I am off to a strong start and have decided to flatten out into the long, holiday weekend. I covered all of my equity shorts, as I am not going to press into a myriad of potential headlines (or lack thereof) over the long weekend. I could easily...

16Jan1:53 pmEST

Closing Out the Visa Short; Chess Moves

With Visa hugging its lower daily chart Bollinger Band, I elected to close out the rest of the short for a modest win into the long weekend. I covered the rest of the short at $253.38 from my $260.30 entry noted here . As for my open positions, I still have a trailer on my winning NUGT long, and my AAL F UAL shorts look promising, while the...

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