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13Jan2:10 pmEST

Going After the Napoleon Complex; Chess Moves

First and foremost, I peeled off most of my TVIX long at $3.18, then $3.31 (announced on from my $3.00 posted entry. I will let the final piece run in case volatility pops again tomorrow. Next, I went long TZA, the triple-levered short ETF for the Russell 2000 Index. The small caps house many biotechnology stocks, too. And the...

13Jan1:35 pmEST

More Sniper Action; Chess Moves

Picking off moves here and there, I went long TVIX for a volatility trade at $3, with a stop-loss below $2.85. I may very well just day-trade this volatile volatility instrument, depending on how we close today. In addition, I stopped out of the final small piece of my JNUG long above $38, from the prior $35.59 entry to lock in the rest of...

13Jan12:21 pmEST

Be a Battlefield Tactician; Chess Moves

I sold a piece of the USLV long at $24.70 from my $22.26 entry yesterday noted in this blog post . I am raising my protective stop-loss to my entry on the rest of the position. On the whole, I continue to be impressed with the action in the precious metals and miners complex. Still, it is wise to the big, fast gains when we have them because...

13Jan11:21 amEST

Tempted By the Forbidden Fruit

Going after the falling knife that is crude oil remains a tough trade, as USO was mildly green this morning and is now back to being down more than 1%. While I am tempted to go long UCO or even UWTI as levered-long crude ETFs, the daily chart for the USO (straight-up crude oil ETF) shows a steep but orderly decline lower. Typically, some type...

13Jan10:36 amEST

More Changes for the Better

The first susbstantive blog post for this website was back in early/mid-November here , where I described the subtle changes taking place in the precious metals and mining complex. While the road has been sloppy, which should have come as a surprise to no one, those changes for the better continue to take hold. My USLV long, the...

12Jan4:59 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 01/12/15 {Video}

The following video contains coverage of relevant broad market issues (for equities) in addition to plenty of actionable trading ideas across other asset classes. Feel free to pick and choose which ideas and parts of the analysis fit your style. Always properly manage your downside portfolio risk for any trades taken. Enjoy tonight's...

12Jan3:43 pmEST

Next Case!

Despite a gap down in the natural gas trade, which I quickly cut out of this morning, it was a good day of trading with the big JNUG win, AAL LOW TSLA V gains on the short side, and a winning UVXY Day-trade long (I did stop out of the final piece at around breakeven after scaling a win initially). Equities, as a whole, suffered more selling...

12Jan2:57 pmEST

The Best Nation in the World is Rotation; Chess Moves

First and foremost, I scaled off a piece of my UVXY long at at $29.14 from $28.32 entry earlier today noted here . I trailed up my stop-loss to my entry price. Next, I went long USLV at $22.26. USLV is the triple-long silver ETF. With the big run-up in the gold miners today, especially our juniors in JNUG, I am playing for some rotation...

12Jan2:09 pmEST

More Scaling, More Trailing; Chess Moves

For the sake of discipline, I scaled off another small piece of my JNUG long at $42.30 just now, from Friday's $35.59 entry noted here , and prior gains I locked in this morning at $39.33 in this blog post . I now have a small "runner' position left on, just in case the miners go completely bonkers to the upside and shock the world this...

12Jan1:36 pmEST

In for a Quickie; Chess Moves

I went long UVXY, the ultra-long volatility ETF, at $28.32 with a protective stop-loss below $27. This position is about 4% of my capital. And I may very well day-trade it before the session is over. Volatility did a good job of digesting its morning gap up without giving much back, seen on the 30-minute chart, below. I am playing for an uptick...

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