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12Apr3:10 pmEST

How Do We Spell This Relief Rally? D-R-U-N-K

While I try to avoid the alarmist, sensationalist type of market analysis, the stark historical reality is that markets which act poorly and fail to rally when they *should* (i.e., this morning after the much ballyhooed used car sales prices fell) become uniquely dangerous and vulnerable to wiping out much lower.  I am becoming increasingly...

12Apr10:58 amEST

Let's All Trust Used Car Salesmen Now

Despite the headline that inflation rose at fastest pace since 1981 in March as the CPI (consumer price index) jumped 8.5% annually, markets initially looked beyond that and found mustard seeds in the idea that used car prices dropped 3.8% (even if 35% higher than last year).  The drop in used car prices was then used as evidence that inflation...

11Apr3:36 pmEST

Which Way for Silver?

As rates keep pushing higher, we had an impressive opening pop in the precious metals only to see the usual fade.  The good news for bulls is that they seem to be closing well here. Headed into the CPI print tomorrow morning, another big test looms for the metals. But the SLV daily chart, below, continues to look ripe for a fresh breakout...

11Apr10:22 amEST

It's Winning Time for Wheat

While oil fumbles and stumbles through what could still easily be a bullish consolidation, other commodities are back at it and threatening imminent, fresh breakouts higher amid the tech selloff.  Wheat is my favorite at the moment, given the pristine weekly chart bull flag for the commodity's ETN, highlighted below. It has now been a little...

10Apr9:10 amEST

Weekend Overview and Analysis 04/10/22 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session which I present each weekend to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets.  Please click here  for more...

08Apr10:39 amEST

It's Time to Turn the Amen Corner

While it certainly turned out to be a choppy final few weeks of March for precious miners, there are two bullish aspects about the complex worth noting right now: 1) Very few market players and pundits are gung-ho bullish on the group, for obvious reason--The precious miners have been heartbreakers for a good while now. It is simply too easy to...

07Apr9:09 amEST

Morning Prep 04/07/22 {Video}

The following video is an example of the types of Morning Prep Videos I present to Members of the Market Chess Subscription Services on a daily basis.  Please click here for more details about joining to access these videos regularly, as well as plenty of other features.

06Apr3:49 pmEST

Recessionary Action

Many are debating the yield curve inversion and its merits, and we can do that indefinitely.  But objectively analyzing the market's price action of late points to equities shifting to a recessionary view--Although the restaurants, airports, casinos, hotels, may all be packed in your hood, the issue is where the economic is 6-9 months from now...

06Apr10:30 amEST

Are You an International Harvester?

Stocks are likely coming around to the idea that yesterday's talk about imminent quantitative tightening by Lael Brainard was part of a carefully crafted strategy by The Fed in front of both today's FOMC Minutes (from the last Fed Meeting), as well as headed into the next FOMC in the first few days of May.  The reason why The Fed is so careful...

05Apr3:51 pmEST

REM - Losing Your Religion in Housing

According to Mortgage News Daily, the average rate on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage just crossed 5%, now standing at 5.02%. This ranks among the highest in the last eleven years or so. And if you believe that the housing market has indeed become an integral part of The Fed's "wealth effect" strategy dating back to Greenspan, then this...

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