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08Aug10:52 amEST

COMING SOON: My Book About Sports Betting

I am pleased to announce that I am in the final stages of finishing up a side project that I have been working on for quite some time.  As you know, sports betting has taken off across the country with a domino-like effect of various state legalizations. The reality is that the ubiquity of sports wagering will only become more prominent in the...

22Dec3:40 pmEST

70 Wonder Years

The great musician Joe Cocker died at 70 years old. He had a distinct voice, and also was featured in the theme song to the hit TV show, "The Wonder Years." Back in a few moments for my video market recap.

20Nov3:39 pmEST

Friendly Reminder to Avoid Margin Clerks

If you will notice, this website focuses on downside risk to any trades taken. Traders are in the business of losing, in some respects. And it comes down to how well you handle the inevitable losses. I play great defense, run the football, and take an occasional shot down the field at the big play, instead of looking to win a shoot-out with no...

20Nov8:40 amEST

Autumn Leaves

With temperatures already feeling like winter, I had better sneak this post in before autumn is officially over. Here are a few great versions of Autumn Leaves.

19Nov12:45 pmEST

Fleshing Out Some Recent Chess Moves

We have the Fed Minutes coming up later this afternoon after 2pm EST and may very well see the market coast into them before an end-of-day move. In the meantime, let's examine the UGAZ and NUGT trades. I am in UGAZ from $15.28, noted on this blog. Natty gas is ripping hard today, and I still may take some gains here for the sake of taking 'em...

19Nov11:05 amEST

Lots of Prey Within Sight

Quite a few of my holdings are making big moves this morning. So, let's update that. UGAZ is acting great, with natty sprinting much higher. This one represents a big winner for me now from my $15.28 entry. I am considering taking gains today. Gold miners are getting hit today, as is my NUGT position. But, I got a good entry on it at $14.15....

19Nov12:08 amEST

Late Night Strategy for Wednesday

Kona Grill has been one of these smaller causal dining plays I have updated periodically due to the steadily bullish action. On the updated daily chart, below, note the impressive high/tight base consolidation breakout on Tuesday. As long as $23.30 now holds on pullbacks I view this one as an under-the-radar gem, perhaps a takeover target by...

18Nov3:29 pmEST

You've Got a Winner in Town

Pursuant to the ongoing discussion here about the improved action and roadmap for the precious metals miners, the price action in the gold and silver mining complex was quite impressive indeed. I remain long NUGT. See you after the bell for my video market recap.  

18Nov2:46 pmEST

Burger King Grabbing More Than Its Fair Share

Burger King (BKW) has been a long idea I have reference over the past week or so. The King seems to be distinguishing itself from peers MCD YUM, certainly from a technical perspective. On the daily chart, below, note the sound technical basing pattern above all major moving averages. If the strength today is the beginning of a breakout, then a...

18Nov1:05 pmEST

Defeated By General Winter

As we zoom closer to winter, natural gas bears are still up against it with the recent strength in the commodity. I went long UGAZ, the triple-levered long natural gas ETF, yesterday at $15.28, amounting to 4% of my trading portfolio capital. I then sold  half of that position at $16.44 to lock in partial gains into a nice rip,  timestamped...

18Nov12:03 pmEST

The Long and Short of It

I mentioned LEN and a few other homebuilders as long setups of late. Lennar continues to bull flag up here with a $46.15 trigger to get another push higher. By the same token, while homebuilders have seen a resurgent bid of late the wildly-extended (longer-term) housing derivative retail plays, namely HD LOW, can be seen as short setups...

18Nov10:35 amEST

You Better Come to Play in This Sector

I am still focused on the precious metals and miners space from the long side, as sentiment had become wildly bearish off recent lows while price action has improved to confirmed positive divergences. In addition, we can see the junior gold miners, housed in the GDXJ ETF, outperforming the entire space once again this morning, which is...

18Nov12:26 amEST

Late Night Strategy for Tuesday

I posted several charts on Stocktwits on Monday night. Among them, BTU us a long idea on further strength, seen on the first daily chart, below. This is a heavily-shorted coal play that is trying to form a bottom. Above the 50-day moving average (dark blue line), I expect the squeeze to commence. And CAB is a short idea, with the retail stock...

17Nov4:39 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 11/17/14 {Video}

Direct Vimeo Link Click Here

17Nov3:28 pmEST

Now We Circle Around

I went long NUGT on Friday, the triple-long gold miner ETF at $14.15. My stop-loss is below $13.50. On the 30-minute GDX chart, the senior gold miner ETF, below, we looked at $18.70 being a key breakout level. As you can see, we got the breakout, retest, and subsequent push higher. Also note the junior gold miners leading higher today,...

17Nov2:25 pmEST

Going Short Facebook; More Chess Moves

I placed 4% of my trading portfolio capital in a short Facebook ($FB) position here, at $74.09, with a protective cover-stop above $77. I posted a chart earlier today on Stocktwits, discussing the idea that the more well-defined support is probed by price basing or "leaning" down against it, the more likely it is to eventually give way as the...

17Nov1:09 pmEST

Chess Moves

I placed 4% of my trading portfolio capital into a long UGAZ position, at $15.28. My protective stop-loss is if the triple-levered long natural gas ETF loses $14.60, below. I have been outlining my thesis on natural gas for a long trade for several days now tracking the sharp breakout and then pullback in recent weeks. The UNG, straight-up...

17Nov11:20 amEST

Natty Gas Burglars Strike Again

The long natural gas idea from over the weekend is coming to fruition, as we can see natty gas bulls stealing away the initial at major horizontal support (purple line) on the daily chart, below. Note that the recent pullback could easily have made a major higher low before the natty rally resumes. I like what I am seeing off the opening gap...

17Nov12:24 amEST

Late Night Strategy for Monday

The Dollar/Yen currency cross has basically traded in lockstep with equities since the mid-October lows, with both stocks and the Dollar/Yen screaming higher. However, on the 30-minute chart of the Dollar/Yen cross, below,  you can see overnight weakness with the potential for further selling if the highlighted bear flag consolidation pattern...

16Nov11:00 amEST

Large Marge: We Will Never Forget

While it remains to be seen how the large healthcare insurers like UNH WLP react to Obamacare 2.0, it sure seems that the secular shift from written to electronic medical records is still very much in play. In addition to the recent strength in CERN, also note Merge Technologies, or MRGE, or "Large MRGE," has broken above multi-quarter...

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