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06Apr4:02 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 04/06/15 {Video}

The following video contains coverage of relevant broad market issues (for equities) in addition to plenty of actionable trading ideas across other asset classes. Feel free to pick and choose which ideas and parts of the analysis fit your style. Always properly manage your downside portfolio risk for any trades taken. Enjoy tonight's...

06Apr2:58 pmEST

You Can't Roll with That...or Can You?

Although I have been deriding the broken charts of P and YELP for many quarters now, downtrending junior marquee issues (with decent institutional sponsorship obviously not too keen on them now, therefore neither should we), if the market is going to start rewarding the ugly charts out there this quarter we should now pay closer attention to...

06Apr1:58 pmEST

Opening Day Not Just for Baseball

One of the themes from my Weekend Video Strategy Session was to be on guard for fresh money rotations to begin the new quarter of trading. While April officially kicked off last week, the holiday-shortened nature of the trading likely means that this week will be a better gauge of whether that capital is going.  In the face of the sharp upside...

06Apr12:50 pmEST

What's LUV Got to Do with This Rally; Chess Moves

With many airlines and transports in general selling off despite the broad market rally, I am going to take more advantage of it.  I just covered another piece of my LUV short here at $41.13. My initial entry was last week at $43.44, followed by my $42.94 add. I took partial profits this morning, but now the stock is sinking even lower.  I...

06Apr11:44 amEST

A Sultry Move in Gold; Chess Moves

I just sold down another piece of of NUGT long at $11.85 from my $10.31 entry last week to scale profits. NUGT is the triple-levered long ETF derived from the GDX, ETF for the senior gold miners.  I had previously scaled part of the position into initial strength late-last week, and I am now down to 1/3 of my core position size. The original...

06Apr11:09 amEST

Still the Prey, Not the Hunter

Tesla Motors (TSLA) is up sharply along with the market this morning on reports of strong first quarter vehicle sales.  For a while now, the stock has been technically weak. And that remains the case even with this morning's short squeeze.  As to the issue of where we go from here, note the daily chart for TSLA, below, showing price now back to...

06Apr10:21 amEST

Taking Advantage of Turbulence; Chess Moves

After adding to the short on Thursday, I just covered half of my LUV short at $41.77 to scale gains. My initial entry was last week here  at $43.44, followed by my $42.94 add. I also moved my cover-stop down to my original entry price ($43.44).  The current position now equates to roughly 3% of my portfolio capital.  As you know, shorting...


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