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09Apr4:33 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 04/09/15 {Video}

The following video contains coverage of relevant broad market issues (for equities) in addition to plenty of actionable trading ideas across other asset classes. Feel free to pick and choose which ideas and parts of the analysis fit your style. Always properly manage your downside portfolio risk for any trades taken. Enjoy tonight's...

09Apr3:54 pmEST

Cutting Dead Weight Into the Bell; Chess Moves

Into the bell, I covered up my AAPL CP MA shorts for small losses, basically 1-2% each. I was not playing them to eat up capital as the market churns buyers and sellers, but rather to see immediate downside. That didn't happen, at least soon enough for me, so I decided to cut and move on.  As it stands, I am long TMV as it looks as though bond...

09Apr3:14 pmEST

A Backdoor Cover in Vegas

Following-up on my long WYNN idea from the Weekend Video Strategy Session, other major casinos could also be ripe for a so-bad-they-might-be-good-for-a-bounce trade.  MPEL is up more than 5% and LVS is up more than 4% as I write this.  But MGM could be the play, seen on the daily chart, below, not yet at its upper Bollinger Band (indicative of...

09Apr2:31 pmEST

Time to Act; Chess Moves

As per my earlier analysis, I went long TMV, the triple-bearish ETF of Treasuries, just above $27.20 earlier with a protective stop-loss below $26.  I am playing for Treasuries to follow the REITs in the IYR ETF lower, keying off of TLT's recent consolidation, too.  Simply put, this bet is that rates will rise while bond prices fall, along with...

09Apr1:44 pmEST

A Dynamite Slice of Americana

To update our look at the U.S. Dollar from yesterday, the orderly consolidation appears to be resolving higher.  Keying off the UUP ETF, below, on the daily timeframe, note buyers attempting to clear and now hold over the key $26 level we observed yesterday. Of course, beyond the Dollar action itself are the potential cross-currents and inverse...

09Apr12:40 pmEST

Lunchtime Charts

First, my new AAPL short (noted in my last blog post), referring to the first daily chart, below. For my short to have a chance, the stock needs to lose its 50-day moving average with authority. So, consider the short a "tester" to see if the seemingly indomitable Apple can finally take a hit.  If AAPL does lose its 50-day, $120 is the primary...

09Apr11:15 amEST

Standoff at the Open; Chess Moves

Although it looked like another "here we go again" open higher this morning, sellers presented themselves particularly with the small caps. On the IWM hourly chart, below, ETF for the Russell 2000 Index, we can see the chart consolidating in recent weeks near its all-time highs. But the strength this morning was sold and now we have a potential...

09Apr10:37 amEST

Starting to Come Together

The thesis we looked at yesterday for rates to head higher may very well be starting to play out. Specifically, the rate-sensitive sectors in equities, REITs and utilities, are weak this morning (IYR and XLU ETFs as proxies, respectively), while Treasuries are looking heavy and vulnerable to following suit, keying off the TLT ETF.  As a result,...


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