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31Mar2:47 pmEST

Sunday Matinée at Market Chess Cinemas

It remains to be seen if this market kicks off the second quarter of trading like a raging bull, but either way one film which I hope never slips through the cracks of cinematic history is Raging Bull (1980). I consider this to be the best film of the entire decade for the 1980s, with Robert De Niro turning in a virtuoso performance in...

29Mar3:19 pmEST

Is it Really That Bold of a Strategy, After All?

On some level, it is what it is. In light of last Friday's violent, small cap-led selloff, coupled with a seemingly scary flight to Treasuries, equities have largely coasted this week into the official end of the first quarter of trading.  In the event bears have missed another golden opportunity, it is time to put our nose to the grindstone...

28Mar10:41 amEST

Deck on Deck

Coinciding with both Major League Baseball Opening Day 2019 today as well as earnings rallies in the likes of FIVE and LULU, we ought not overlook the fact that Deckers may be, well, on DECK.  For a while now, Deckers' bulls have done an admirable job tightening up the daily chart, below, even as retail essentially took a backseat to the...

27Mar10:37 amEST

Antidote for the Slowing Global Growth Poison

As I have spent the better part of this morning reinstalling a few charting/video software programs which crashed, several Members deserve a big tip of the hat for pointing out the relative strength seen in some materials miners.  Given the general tension in markets and among market pundits regarding the prospect of slowing growth in the...

26Mar11:00 amEST

Collusion at the Highest Level

In an otherwise moribund casual dining sector full of sickly charts like HABT NDLS and RRGB, among many others, one would almost surmise that collusion existed with respect to some of the consistently outperforming names.  Specifically, CMG DRI MCD SBUX WING have led the charge and continue to sport sound technicals on virtually all timeframes....

25Mar3:18 pmEST

It Defeats Its Own Purpose

Working our way through the final hour of a much slower, more mixed session than some of the one-way bullet trains up and down we saw last week, it is worth making another observation regarding the significant Russell 2000 Index.  On the updated IWM daily chart, below, which is the Russell's actively-traded ETF, we can see price trapped in a...

25Mar10:31 amEST

Playing the Patience Game

Further selling, albeit far less intense than what we saw Friday, in the broad market this morning offsets what bulls hoped would be a Mueller report rally. Instead, the overhang of global growth concerns coupled with possible end of quarter seasonal weakness continues to blunt the upside momentum we saw in various tech plays throughout last...

22Mar11:13 amEST

Assessing the Damage

A post-earnings selloff in Dow component Nike coupled with fears about slowly growth in the economy at-large, seem to be the reasons du jour for a broad market dip this morning. When see a prominent Dow holding like NKE off by more than 5.5% it is almost always going to pressure the Dow itself a bit. But regarding the other major indices the...

21Mar3:24 pmEST

Let's See Even More Heart Now

Despite the U.S. Dollar snapping back today after yesterday's remarkably dovish FOMC, precious miners fought back to green this afternoon and bucked the traditional inverse relationship between the Dollar and gold/miners.  For a while now we know that precious miners have steadily improved, dating all the way back to a trough in September 2018....

21Mar11:38 amEST

March Madness Plays

(Above graph courtesy of @JeffDLowe on Twitter and of Barstool Sports) With the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament already underway with the play-in games the last two nights, the traditional tournament games tip off this afternoon.  Unlike the Super Bowl, the NCAA tourney's television ratings are not quite as strong as you think. The games are...

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