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26Sep3:21 pmEST

Slow and Steady is Losing the Race

The small caps housed in the IWM ETF seem to be at a do-or-die area right now, as illustrated on the IWM hourly chart, updated below. On the one hand, the smalls have pulled back off their rally throughout early-to-mid September in a fairly orderly manner. In and of itself, that seems to be bullish, as we noted a while back.  But sooner or...

26Sep10:44 amEST

Already Baked Into the Bowl

With the House passing the cannabis-banking bill, or the "SAFE Banking Act," on Wednesday, hope for pot stocks to regain their old form seemed realistic. However, as one of our Members noted this morning, we have the likes of ACB APHA CGC CRON TLRY acting sluggishly, at best. Perhaps the good news was already baked into the cake (packed into...


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