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20Apr11:29 amEST

Tesla--A Sneak Preview of What's to Come

After a rough earning report shares of momentum darling Tesla are down by 8.5% as I write this. The TSLA weakness is, in part, dragging ARKK down, too, although other issues with ARKK are hurting Cathie Wood's ETF.  Still, to see TSLA, which more than doubled in price from January through February, slip back down here ought to be concerning for...

19Apr10:31 amEST

Let's Not Bring Back Old Stereotypes

Spending a substantial portion of my youth around blue-collar Bayonne, New Jersey, one would think it would be the epitome of the "Buy American" crowd in the 1980s.  However, you would be shocked to know how many people told me, as a kid, to "buy Japanese, kid. The workers commit 'hara-kiri' if they make a bad car over there, while all the...

18Apr10:08 amEST

Back to the Scene

Here we are, again. 4170 up through 4200 was stiff resistance two month ago for the S&P 500 Index. And now bulls are betting on a big breakout with a slew of big tech earnings right ahead, namely NFLX tonight and TSLA tomorrow.  You can see the potential overhead supply (resistance) yourself on the S&P daily chart, updated below. If this is...

17Apr2:33 pmEST

Sorry I Ruined Your Death of the Dollar Party

Both the Euro and Yen (respectively, below, on daily chart ETFs) look particularly vulnerable to downside here just as the consensus calls for the Death of the Dollar and "de-Dollarization." By the end of this century? Sure. But not yet. Not now. I like the Dollar and rates to continue to rally, a call I made last week and stand by with...

16Apr9:57 amEST

Special Edition: Full-Length Weekend Strategy Session 04/16/23 {Video}

For this weekend only, I am opening up the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session to everyone.  Each weekend, I present a similar video to the one below for Members of the Market Chess Subscription Services. Please click here for details about joining at a reasonable price to receive these types of videos, as well as plenty of...

14Apr10:51 amEST

Every Chance to Buy

You would never know it from the "inflation is cooling" headlines about the macro data this week (heck, even Rick Santelli on CNBC was boasting about his call that inflation has peaked), but rates are higher again this morning and on track for a higher overall week.  On the updated daily chart for TNX, which tracks rates on the 10-Year Note,...

13Apr12:53 pmEST

Back and Forth We Go

Some additional cooler inflation data this morning galvanized bulls to bounce back from what I thought was a notable fade yesterday. And although rates are not collapsing (TLT is actually red) like I am sure bulls wanted to see, it does not much matter at the moment since the Nasdaq is screaming back higher and leading.  Overall, the S&P and...

12Apr3:49 pmEST

Burned Out Stoner Buyers

It is certainly much more of an art than a science to discern if and when buyers are simply exhausted after an extended period of nonstop dip buying.  However, today's price action certainly seems like a spot to opine that a cooler CPI could not help as much as many expected, given the tech/growth laggards and the late-day broad market...

12Apr11:46 amEST

New Buyers Late to the Station

While the CPI came in cooler than both I and the market expected, leading to an initial pre-market futures rally, semiconductors led a reversal lower off the open which is largely sticking as I write this. It is often said that markets which fails to hold rallies off "good news" are increasingly bearish, which means whether we get a recover or...

11Apr11:36 amEST

Find Where the Bodies Are Buried

With a whopping forward PE for 145, Snowflake is melting this morning in an otherwise mixed tape in front of tomorrow morning's CPI inflation print.  However, SNOW is part of the suddenly lagging software sector, including CRM MSFT notable Dow laggards in the early going.  Bulls will argue this is merely prof-taking after a strong run for MSFT,...

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