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20Oct11:33 amEST

Holed Up, Down But Not Out

Between the emergency bond buying measures both in England and then overnight in Japan against the backdrop of sticky high inflation, gold seems to have been the odd man out of late.  Markets, however, have a history of marching to their own drumbeat. And just because something does not materialize immediately does not mean it will not in due...

19Oct11:38 amEST

Next Stop in Doubt

The NFLX and ISRG earnings rallies today are being countered by continued strength in the U.S. Dollar as well as rates pushing higher yet above 4% on the 10-Year Note. As you would expect, the latter two are pressuring equities and risk-on vibes altogether.  That said, oil is marginally higher and, perhaps more significantly, energy stocks are...

18Oct11:02 amEST

The Oil Circus Rolls On

"Don't blame a clown for acting like a clown. Ask yourself why you keep going to the circus." One of the most difficult realities of life to accept--and some never do--is that changing people is a fool's game. You simply must accept full responsibility for choosing to surround yourself with certain people, rather than blaming them for their...

17Oct12:24 pmEST

Emerge or Diverge

On some level the near-term direction of risk assets may very well hinge on what happened last week. As we noted in the usual Weekend Video, typically reserved for Members but opened up to everyone over the weekend (please see prior blog post), the U.S. Dollar did not make a fresh high last week on its UUP ETF (daily chart, below, which is...

16Oct11:40 amEST

Special Edition: Full-Length Weekend Strategy Session 10/16/22 {Video}

For this weekend only, I am opening up the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session to everyone.  Each weekend, I present a similar video to the one below for Members of the Market Chess Subscription Services. Please click here for details about joining at a reasonable price to receive these types of videos, as well as plenty of...

14Oct11:58 amEST

Mostly a Spectator This Week

This was one of those weeks in the market where I am content to have been mostly in cash as a spectator. I just took off the two positions I did have on coming into today well before they came close to my preset stop-losses as I simply do not like this price action on the back of yesterday's big move. To my eye, we are still in the muck dealing...

13Oct10:38 amEST

Retail Investors Are Still Too Cool for School

ARKK hit a low of $33.74 this morning--Its COVID crash lows were $33.00.  And, yet, we have the VIX red and the opening dip in the broad market off a hot CPI print getting bought up.  History suggests that we are nowhere close to the sort of widespread fear, panic, then despair necessary for a true bear market bottom. Thus, any bounces should...

12Oct12:30 pmEST

Value Investing Most Certainly IS Coming Back

About fifteen years ago I was walking through the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to play the juicy cash games during the World Series of Poker. David Einhorn, the famous hedge fund manager and avid poker player, was there for the WSOP action. I walked by one of the open air restaurants in the Rio corridor and saw Einhorn with his...

11Oct10:01 amEST

Controlled Demolition, Man

As easy as it is to overanalyze this market, what with all the headlines, macro news, theories, etc., objectively when we get down to brass tacks we are dealing with a bearish trend which is dripping lower seemingly on a daily basis in a rather controlled, "demolition" type of manner.  That type of action is often found in the middle stages of...

10Oct10:11 amEST

When Chaos Returns, the Simple Things Become Valuable

Many of the same folks right now who are saying that Jay Powell and the current Fed simply must stop raising rates, lest the system break, were also saying, back in 2008, that the entire banking system needed to be bailed out lest the world would end.  What they did not tell you was that, back in 2008, there were many regional banks who did not...

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