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10Jan11:04 amEST

Getting Spooky at Disney

In my weekend video for Members last Sunday I suggested that this was a "backloaded" week of events and headlines. Hence, stocks have mostly coasted up to this point, including this morning.  Overall, we have a mixed, meandering bounce going in equities this morning, as equities almost assuredly are waiting on the CPI (inflation reading)...

09Jan12:01 pmEST

Follow the Trail

One of the benefits of a commodity like natural gas coming out of the gate hot to start the new year is that so many new traders since the pandemic do not give a hoot, quite frankly, about anything other than options on growth stocks and crypto/NFTs.  Hence, when natty takes off, as it is again today, most will either gloss over it or even have...

08Jan11:24 amEST

Here's the Setup

Apple, as well as NVIDIA and the semiconductors at-large, is leading a tech relief rally so far this morning. We have a quintessential backloaded week of news and events, what with the CPI Thursday morning, then PPI on Friday alongside a plethora of large cap bank earnings to kick off a new season of reporting--Note that the likes of JPM have...

07Jan10:44 amEST

Weekend Overview and Analysis 01/07/24 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session which I present each weekend to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets.  Please click here  for more...

05Jan11:25 amEST

I Still Think it Matters

As we noted here and with Members earlier this week, the 4725 area on the S&P 500 Index had turned into tough near-term price resistance.  And after this morning's hot jobs report, the initial selloff-turned-squeeze now seems to be slowing down right around that area, as seen and highlighted on the updated 10-minute S&P chart, below. ...

04Jan2:24 pmEST

Choose the Right Dip in 2024

One of my early observations about the tape this morning on the private Twitter feed for Members was that the market had the feel of coasting into tomorrow morning's jobs report.  In other words, after selling off for the first few days of 2024, after previously melting up to cap of 2023, a bit of a mixed, drifting session was likely in order...

03Jan10:25 amEST

Bears Should Come to Broad and Wall

“If Santa Claus should fail to call, bears may come to Broad and Wall.” -Stock Trader's Almanac's founder, Yale Hirsch Beyond representing one of those catchy one-liners folks in involved with markets love to say and hear, there is actual historical evidence that the new calendar year may spell trouble for bulls if the "Santa Rally" period...

02Jan10:30 amEST

Slow Your New Year's Roll

Just as folks quickly become bored or impatient with their new year's resolutions (e,g. to hit the gym more), it is quite easy to burn yourself out as a trader after the holiday season if you hit the ground running too quickly once the calendar flips.  Case in point: We are actually still in the midst of the "Santa Rally" period on Wall Street,...

29Dec1:47 pmEST

One Final Chart for 2023

Courtesy of Hi Mount Research, the chart below has been making the rounds on Twitter of late.  Here we can see that when we have excessive equity exposure, on a historical basis, by households, it leads to prolonged periods of sideways/down markets as a contrarian measure.  There can be a little of a lag before this kicks in, as we saw with the...

28Dec1:36 pmEST

Holiday Malaise

We are right smack in the middle of that awkward period where Christmas is clearly in the rear-view mirror, with leftovers having been exhausted and playing Christmas music seems out of place, but New Year's is still a few days ahead of us and the calendar has not yet flipped. It is still the holiday season, for all intents and purposes, but a...

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