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25Feb4:33 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 02/25/15 {Video}

The following video contains coverage of relevant broad market issues (for equities) in addition to plenty of actionable trading ideas across other asset classes. Feel free to pick and choose which ideas and parts of the analysis fit your style. Always properly manage your downside portfolio risk for any trades taken. Enjoy tonight's...

25Feb3:38 pmEST

Final Round in a Heavyweight Fight

For all of the trials and tribulations, gaps to either direction, volatility, calls for crashes, head-fakes and false breakdowns, the junior gold miners have been moving overall sideways since last October.  The issue is whether they are near the end of a "right shoulder" for a major inverse head and shoulders bottom, highlighted below on the...

25Feb2:56 pmEST

Driving Down the Road to Perdition; Chess Moves

I went long SQQQ at $25.27 with a tight stop-loss below $25 for a potential day-trade, shorting the Q's on the AAPL weakness. SQQQ is a ultra-bearish levered ETF derived from the Nasdaq-100.  I may very well turn this into a swing trade, though, depending how the final hour plays out today. So stay tuned. This position amounts to roughly 4% of...

25Feb2:13 pmEST

Still Climbing the Snow

The market is still grinding higher this afternoon, even with AAPL finally seeing a touch of profit-taking and down roughly 1.7% as I write this. PCLN is more than picking up the slack, though, following-through after its earnings gap higher. PCYC and many biotechs are doing their usual reversal higher, though the XBI downside reversal...

25Feb1:03 pmEST

Going Long the University of Georgia; Chess Moves

I went long a small position in the UGA (which also happens to be the shortened form for the University of Georgia) ETF earlier today at $36.63. Because this is a thinly-traded ETF , I am a using a much lighter position size, roughly 1% of capital. If you are not comfortable trading thin ETFs, please skip down to my chart for the educational...

25Feb12:22 pmEST

Three Stocks on the Right Track

In addition to the short ideas we are watching, three long setups which continue to be attractive are: CRTO OVAS TTPH.  I want to see a bit more strength above recent highs for long triggers. But, as you can see on their respective daily charts, below, all three are basing tightly within the context of established technical uptrends (price...

25Feb11:29 amEST

Cut and Run; Chess Moves

I decided to sell my ERY long here at $18.81 from the $19.02 entry I discussed in this blog post .  This amounts to a loss of a little over 1%.  As I frequently mention, the key to successfully playing the triple-levered ETFs is to have a no-nonsense approach in those times when the trade is not working for you, or is slowly drifting away...

25Feb10:23 amEST

Opening Take on the Wintry Coliseum

We have a mixed tape in the early going, with big moves lower in JAKK and rallies in GOGO (off the Delta - DAL - news, but earnings are tomorrow) and EYES catching the interest of momentum traders.  Oil is also squishy at $49 as we near the EIA inventory report any minute now. My positions are mixed, too, with AKS and ERY in the green but BTU...


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