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10Apr3:55 pmEST

Capital Keeps Making The Getaway

Just when it looks as though bulls have run out of juice, we always seem to find capital rotations making "the getaway." As an example, in recent weeks we saw a rotation away from healthcare and biotechnology stocks initially, down to energy and oil services. But then money tried to flow back to the strong biotechs even as energy continued to...

10Apr3:14 pmEST

Looking for Another Good Fit

On the back of my last post about GE, Nokia might also be intriguing from a long-term perspective. Much like GE, the firm is  announcing news of looking to reorganize, which could help to wake up a stock which has obviously been dead money for years now. On the monthly chart, below, note the steep multi-year downtrend. However, the stock is...

10Apr2:27 pmEST

A Wicked Long-Term Look at General Electric

After dismantling GE Capital, GE's stock is shooting up nearly 9% today. On the quarterly chart, below, we can see that the mega cap had endured two steep crashes in a span of eight years, finally bottoming out in early-2009 and taking the stairs higher ever since. The $23 level (light blue horizontal line, very key dating back many years) was...

10Apr12:30 pmEST

Say Hello to Those Hacks for Me; Chess Moves

With HACK, the cybersecurity ETF, having a good week, I went long FEYE on its own merits, too. Specifically, I went long FEYE at $42.03 with a protective stop-loss below $40.  On the daily chart for FEYE, below you can see the attempt to resolve the highlighted falling channel to the upside. The stock has a fair amount of shorts in it to...

10Apr11:14 amEST

Playing the Same Notes

One main reason why I ditched my equity short exposure into the bell yesterday (individual shorts, mind you, not index shorts or long volatility), was because the small caps are playing the same tune. Specifically, to update that IWM (ETF for the Russell 2000 Index) hourly chart, below, we can see the initial breakdown from the highlighted (in...

10Apr10:39 amEST

The Big Three

If the biotech bull keeps screaming higher, BLUE ESPR JUNO are the big three technical long setups I have on watch.  On their respective daily charts, below, note the tight basing action by price within the context of an established uptrend. Bears have had multiple chances to break these lower, namely ESPR, but buyers continue to step in.  BLUE...


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