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31Aug2:41 pmEST

Off the Record, on the QT, and Very Hush Hush

Let us clear something up right now so there is no confusion: To say that The Fed's quantitative tightening program ramping up in September is the genesis for a new bull market "wall of worry" is misguided, at best, if not downright pie in the sky wishful thinking from a prior stock market era.  Exhibit A: Kevin Muir's piece on

31Aug10:16 amEST

Would That Make You Love Uranium?!

After a spectacular week of high buy volume surges in the wake of bullish news out of Japan, one has to wonder if the uranium sector, as seen on the URA ETF daily chart, below, is gearing up for another move higher in September.  You can see the volume on the bottom pane of the chart, which adds credence to the price appreciation beyond mere...

30Aug10:48 amEST

Here's What Many Are Forgetting

Over the course of the summer rally I saw quite a few technically-oriented market players and pundits alike discuss various, for example, biotech and healthcare names putting in what they described as base bottoms. I dispute this view, clearly, as discussed below.  Even with recent market weakness, including this morning's abrupt downside...

29Aug3:45 pmEST

Hey, Zuck: You Want Some Elk, Brah?

Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's recent appearance  on Joe Rogan's incredibly popular podcast made tons of news due to Zuck's revelations about the Biden/Trump election.  However, I suspect the real reason for Zuck even choosing to go on as a guest in the first place centered much more around the need for Meta to rebuild its brand after...

29Aug10:23 amEST

View: Starbucks Will Lose 50% of Its Value Over the Next Year

Starbucks, a poster child for the indomitable American consumer since the 2009 lows, has already made a legend for future generations out of current CEO and Founder Howard D. Schultz. Schultz left and then came back to SBUX as CEO over the years, and there is no doubt of his business acumen. The brand is iconic and represents a way of life for...

28Aug9:32 amEST

Weekend Overview and Analysis 08/28/22 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session which I present each weekend to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets.  Please click here  for more...

26Aug11:07 amEST

Hey, There He Is! There He Is!

We took a contrarian view on Powell headed into his Jackson Hole speech this morning, both here and with Members inside the service, as we expected him to come out with a far more hawkish tone than many expected.  And he delivered. True, he could have done an inter-meeting rate hike. And, true, he could have come out swinging with higher rate...

25Aug3:32 pmEST

The Market Sure Bought Lots of Rumors...

...and now the issue is if they sell the news. With Powell set to speak tomorrow morning out at Jackson Hole, markets are jubilant with optimism that he will continue to largely be a stock market softy, for all intents and purposes.  Specifically, even though he has tapered assets purchases and made some historically aggressive rate hikes the...

25Aug11:06 amEST

Inflation Reverses Things You Take for Granted

The good ol' American cup of Joe. A hot cup of java.  A cup of coffee is still relatively cheap in most places in America, provided that you are not dressing it up with tons of additions at a Starbucks or some hoity-toity restaurant, cafe, or hotel. Even then, coffee is still one of the remaining reasonably priced daily items for most Americans...

24Aug10:35 amEST

Beware Bull Market Arguments During Bear Markets

Low volume selloffs, bullish breadth thrusts in recent weeks, "everyone is bearish" sentiment gauges via social finance, stocks holding up well, the worst news is already priced in, etc.. The above arguments are all typically rather bullish and turn out marvelously well during bull runs, especially in the last decade or so when we had a...

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