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11Jun11:32 amEST

It Ain't Just the Regional Banks

Not only are the regional banks, housed in the KRE sector ETF, a lingering issue conveniently ignored by equity and credit bulls alike, but now we have the larger banks weakening alongside them.  Yesterday we saw the KRE act poorly at prior support and largely unnoticed as NVDA, the FOMC, oil, and other topics grabbed headlines. Today we have...

10Jun11:19 amEST

Literal Diamonds in the Rough

Shares of Diamond Offshore are popping by more than 9% as I write this on the back of a buyout offer from Noble Energy  this morning. Both firms are offshore rig contractors, with NE bigger than DO.  Interestingly, shares of NE are higher, too, which is not the typical arbitrage play in mergers & acquisitions--The acquiring firm usually gets...

07Jun1:33 pmEST

Afternoon Update 06/07/24 {Video}

06Jun12:27 pmEST

Everything Works in Cycles

I recently read an article which noted that Automats are on the verge of a comeback  in New York City. It would not surprise me to see laundromats pop up in more volume, too, as washer/dryer units in homes and apartments inevitably break from old age, wear and tear, and during times of inflation coupled with potentially slowing economic...

05Jun11:04 amEST

I. Was. Front-Running!

In many respects this particular stock market has turned into one, massive, front-running machine. While I understand many will counter that equities have always been a discounting mechanism, which I tend to largely agree with, this regime has featured a nonstop effort to price in any and all bullish outcomes to the extreme max.  Not only have...

04Jun11:27 amEST

Tough to Make This Connection

You may be surprised to learn that the IWM, ETF for the small cap-led Russell 2000 Index, is currently trading at levels it traded at back in December 2020.  For all of the talk about the epic NVDA bull run, the Magnificent 7 names, as well as the likes of COST building a kind of Tower of Babel off the charts into the sky being equated with...

03Jun1:16 pmEST

We Salute the Sector, Not the Stock

The NVIDIA-versus-the-world dynamic seems like it is even more at play today, to kick off the new month.  Specifically, as I write this shares of NVDA are higher by 3% while the semiconductor index in the SOX is down by more than 1%. The Dow is down by about 400 points amid a plethora of broad market reversals lower from the open, when it seems...

31May2:17 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/31/24 {Video}

30May1:23 pmEST

Just Don't Slip Up Now

We have a pretty textbook bull flag setup on the GDXJ, ETF for junior miners, as seen on the daily chart, below. Indeed, even with the silver metal coming in today it is quite impressive to see money flowing back into the precious miners after their recent consolidation.  As you can see, the miners have not even suffered a flesh wound on the...

29May12:28 pmEST

An Oldie But Goodie

Rates are on the move higher again today with the 10-Year Note back over 4.6% as I write this. Without question the many folks who boldly proclaimed rates had topped for the year earlier this month will need to at least pause and reflect on that view, as we noted yesterday that the TNX (Index for Rates on the 10-Year) weekly chart has been...

28May10:15 amEST

Oil Still Could Crack the Case

As a fiery debate rages across many asset classes regarding whether or not inflation is reaccelerating, crude oil may be the key piece of the puzzle which determines the outcome this summer.  On the updated USO ETF daily chart, below, you can see the technical crossroads crude is faced with--A full month now of flopping and chopping around...

23May12:56 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/23/24 {Video}

22May2:18 pmEST

Learn Your LULU Lesson

When shares of Lululemon hit new all-time highs last December 2023 it was quite fashionable for bulls to boast about how LULU was just like COST GOOGL MSFT NVDA and other nonstop, crowded winners who simply could not lose in this market.  Since then, as you can see on the monthly chart for LULU, first below, the stock has tumbled violently...

20May11:30 amEST

The Coast May Never Be Clear

Notoriously full of head-fakes and heartbreaks, commodities can be the most ruthless asset class when it comes to trying to time breakouts. For long periods of time commodities essentially lay dormant. But when they do finally wake up, the momentum can be beyond the comprehension of even the most steadfast of bulls.  All we can do is...

17May12:28 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/17/24 {Video}

15May1:06 pmEST

Making Sense of Irrationality

Stocks continue to celebrate virtually any and all news, be it hot prints, cool prints, strong or soft economic data. History tells us we are seeing all of the classic signs of a major market top, from the meme stock squeezes to sentiment, positioning, valuation of a narrow group of leaders, to divergences for years in small caps, transports,...

10May2:52 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/10/24 {Video}

07May1:08 pmEST

Chasing the Mystery

Much debate is currently swirling about whether we are, in fact, seeing another wave higher of inflation or, instead, inflation is either flat-lining or even receding. There seem to be intelligent, well-studied folks on both sides of that debate. Housing and rents figure to be the tiebreaker. And as we know, real estate can be inherently local...

06May12:31 pmEST

The Time is Now for Commodities

While skeptics will surely point to the recent unwind in cocoa's parabolic move, the reality is that commodities are staging an impressive, broad-based rally today after some generally mild recent consolidations almost across the board.  You may also notice that some of the more notorious commodities, regarding prior false breakouts and...

03May1:19 pmEST

Afternoon Update 05/03/24 {Video}

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